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Who we are: Our Advisory Board/Selection Committee aims to support and uplift The Dean's List through volunteering, fundraising, and overall community engagement. The Advisory Board is also responsible for selecting and reviewing 20 under 20 nominees during the delegation period in addition to attending the Awards Ceremony.

What we're looking for: The Dean's List is looking for a diverse and talented group of leaders who are inspired to uplift the next generation of game changers. We are seeking a group of resourceful, inspiring, and driven individuals of diverse ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, perspectives and life experiences, to serve on our Advisory Board and further enhance our Charlotte community.


What you will gain: Members will have the opportunity to be recognized on The Dean's List social media platforms, have professional development and networking opportunities, access top individuals for future internship programs and job openings, and be a part of the first 20 Under 20 awards in Charlotte. Most importantly, members will be able to serve their community, mentor, and uplift young professionals! 

20 Under 20 Awards: The Dean's List 20 Under 20 awards aim to honor driven and influential 14-19 year old individuals from the Charlotte community. Click the 20 Under 20 button above to learn more!

How to Apply: We invite you to serve as a member of our Advisory Board/Selection Committee by clicking on the Advisory Board Application button above. You will be redirected to a Google Form which upon submission will serve as your application to serve on the board.