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Family has made me who I am

Kelly Kerner is the VP for Development and Alumni Relations for The University of Georgia. His hope is that "the way we work together at the University of Georgia is creating another family dedicated to supporting and encouraging the leaders of tomorrow and our alums who are changing the world today." Read his story here: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I suppose it's having grown up in a family that moved every 3-4 years. Not only did I learn to adapt to new places and new people, and learn how to make friends in any situation, but it also taught me about the importance of family. My parents made sure that we always lived in an environment, whatever our geography, that was fi

Go for it

Meet Cydney Adams, a "23-year-old wannabe New Yorker" who is now "figuring out how to adult". Our #WCW is definitely doing it right as the Coordinating Producer for CBS Evening News: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I moved to New York City a month after college graduation with about $1,000 in graduation money, no job, and no where to live. CBS News had offered me a position, but no starting date. It was basically a "we'll call you when we're ready" situation, and they told me to be prepared to wait until September. But I couldn't wait -- it was NYC or nothing for me. I was all in. For the next three weeks, I lived off of street cart bagels, $1 pizza, and the generosity of friend

Find your personal purpose

Derek Hammock is a 5th year Master of Accountancy student at the University of Georgia who is set to begin a career in public accounting with EY in Atlanta upon completing the CPA exam this year. Our #MCM says ESPN keeps him up at night and his passion for serving others & making an impact wakes him up each morning. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I attend the University of Georgia, yet I’m not from Metro Atlanta. Pretty unique, right? I am from Vidalia, GA, a small town in South Georgia, home of the sweet onion, but I don’t like onions..ironic, I know. Since I first stepped foot on UGA’s campus at age 3, I dreamed (literally) of attending UGA, but it didn't occur to me that I w

Never stop exploring

Kathryn Harris works for Red Bull Media House in Santa Monica, California as a Digital Video Programming Coordinator -- managing the online video platforms including Hulu, YouTube, and DailyMotion! Our #WCW loves all things digital, cheese & wine, and the Georgia Bulldogs: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? That’s always a funny question to answer. What is my story? Why am I unique? I guess when I think unique I think about how there used to be a time when everything came really easily and then how I overcame the challenge of it not being as easy any more. High school, a time that is generally hard for most people, was a breeze for me. It wasn’t until I applied to college and didn’

Learn to be confident in yourself

Angad Singh is a senior student-athlete at Columbia University and an aspiring journalist who has used documentary film to combat the racism he faced as a teenager. Our #MCM is set on leaving some good behind in the world: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I have 48 different colors of turbans, and at least one outfit to match each of them. Growing up in the South, my appearance and identity drew a lot of attention, especially after 9/11. I’m also 6’5” -- it’s easy to spot me in a crowd. 2. What motivates you? I’m a storyteller at heart. I started out of necessity, using documentary film to combat the racism I faced as a teenage Sikh-American. Since then, I’ve found that sharing s

Nothing more satisfying than pinpointing what geeks you out or makes you unique

Liana Miller, the Marketing and Communications Planner at General Mills, first got our attention through her amazing online portfolio, lianatmiller.com. Her passion and drive are what makes her our #WCW: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? Born into a big fat Cuban family in Miami, then moved to California, Atlanta, South Carolina and now I'm here in Minneapolis. I have 3 siblings who are my ride or dies, a tremendous mother who taught me everything and then some, and a pet rabbit named North. I started college as a pharmacy major (??) and ended up falling in love with advertising during my senior year. I landed an amazing gig in marketing at General Mills, where I manage a few cool


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