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Surprise yourself with how resilient you can be.

Elaine Rau is an international blogger who interviews female entrepreneurs all over the world and highlights their businesses on her popular blog, She is based out of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where she runs her business completely online. She is our #WCW because she elevates strong women who don't get the media coverage they deserve.

1. What's your story? What makes you unique?

I never knew that I would be an entrepreneur. Honestly, I didn’t even know that was an option. I come from a family of professors, so my worldview was to get a job, work hard and, hopefully, retire with some savings. It wasn’t until after I graduated college and made some entrepreneur friends that I realized how many options were available to me. I also never realized that being a “connector” was an ability that not everyone innately has. I have since learned how to use it to my advantage, and it has helped me build my online business.

2. What motivates you?

I am motivated by money and elevating women in the workspace.

3. Who is a hero of yours?

My dad. His actions always spoke louder than his words, and I always admired that about him. He was also very consistent with everything he did and reliable, too.

4. Give us a road map of your career. How did you get to where you are today?

I graduated with a degree in ceramics, and bounced around several jobs until I landed on one in the wedding industry that I liked. I then quickly ascended the corporate ladder and went from being a sales representative to the national wedding sales manager in two years. Then, I hit the glass ceiling; so, I quit, moved overseas and started my blog!

5. What's your future plan? Your goals?

When I move back to the states in a few months, I hope to be making enough money from my blog to be a full-time blogger and not have to take on another job.

6. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

Take yourself out of your comfort zone, and you will see what you are truly made of. You may surprise yourself at how resilient you can be.

7. What is something you feel strongly about (a cause, belief, etc.)?

I believe that we ladies have more power than we think, but so often we don’t negotiate our position in life like we ought to. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. TIP: Negotiate for yourself the way you would for a friend.

8. What's one of the coolest things you've ever done?

I was the leader of a 12-day wilderness trip. We had to carry all our food, shelter and clothing on our backs, and my co-leader and I had to map out the whole trip for them. It was wild! When I got home, no one could believe that a city girl like me could survive in the wilderness, let alone lead a whole group out there (and have them survive to tell the tale!)

9. Anything we haven't asked that you'd like to talk about.

If you are looking for a public relations, sales, marketing or YouTube internship, I have some openings available! Learn more here.

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