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Engineering grad seizes opportunity to communicate with people from around the world

Sneha Mittal Sachdeva was born and raised in India and works as the marketing and customer service manager at SuperSaas Online Appointment Scheduling System while running her own blog, Mr. and Mrs. Sachdeva. The blog shares her adventures with her husband, explores food around the world, and more.

Not only is Sneha Mittal Sachdeva a digital marketing connoisseur, she is also an avid foodie and traveler from India.

She started her career with a degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering from the MIT College of Engineering in Pune, India.

After receiving her degree, she started a food blog which did so well, she was hired to manage the public relations and events for the local food blogger community.

While her blog continued to gain traction, she joined a startup which gave her a new passion for marketing and encouraged her to pursue an MBA from IIMU, one of the top institutes in India.

Sachdeva took every opportunity to improve her digital marketing skills, and is now based in Amsterdam as the marketing and customer service manager at SuperSaas Online Appointment Scheduling System.

“My present role is very exciting because as the marketing manager, I get the chance to work with people from across the world,” said Sachdeva.

She contributes a lot of her success to the support of her husband and sister. Her sister, “is my best friend, my buddy, my partner in crime, my guide and my kiddo.”

Sachdeva met her husband, Himanshu Sachdeva, while pursuing her MBA. Since he always supported her, she knew she had to do the same, which is why when he received a job in the Netherlands, she moved with him.

She runs a blog called Mr. and Mrs. Sachdeva, which follows their travels and experiences as a couple.

Even though she is far from her home in India, she still stays connected by helping girls get educated.

“Some regions of India still have low education levels for girls because they don’t believe in spending on girl’s education,” said Sachdeva. “They believe girls are meant to become homemakers. I personally mentor and educate a few girls, and I would like to regularly contribute towards education in the coming years.”

Education is very important to Sachdeva. She believes that it can truly change a person’s life.

Her advice to others, use that knowledge to explore as much as you can. “Travel a lot when possible and connect with new people,” said Sachdeva. “You can learn a lot from others’ lives, you don’t have to make all the mistakes yourself.”

She never imagined to have such diverse experiences throughout her career but is thankful for every opportunity.

Sachdeva hopes to grow Mr. and Mrs. Sachdeva and one day, start her own food joint.

“I am not sure what the future holds for me, but I would like to continue learning new things with my husband and explore many more new countries.”

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