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What’s different: Whether or not you’ve attended a previous Dean’s List Dinner, we’re creating an open forum for everyone to talk about race, gender and identity in a safe space. Instead of one speaker leading this topic based on their knowledge, every person in attendance will be an expert based on their own experiences. Dinner guests will be able to ask questions and hear from other people in a setting we haven’t yet explored. MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE CAN JOIN!

What you’ll get from us: Dinner guests will experience a moderated discussion, networking opportunities with other guests, and enriching exercises on empathy. To enhance the experience, you’ll receive a worksheet to take notes and guide you throughout the night and a free Dean’s List Zoom background to use during and after this event!

What we'll need from you: Spots are limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. The cost is $5, including service and processing fees.

STUDENT OFFER: Students can attend FREE with the use of a valid .edu email address at registration.

What stays the same: The Dean’s List will continue to bring a diverse group of people together in a setting that challenges our beliefs and allows us to learn about new ideas and ways of life from each other. We’ll continue to share our notes with attendees after these events. We also will be wearing light blue and white, of course! Most importantly, we’re here to empower you — all the time.


If you're interested in sponsoring a Dean's List Dinner, email deanslistdinners@gmail.com.

In Atlanta and Charlotte, The Dean's List brings together 10 diverse trailblazers to spark meaningful dialogue once a month over an intimate Dean's List Dinner. Our goal is to gather people from various religions, ages, political parties, races, industries, and cultural backgrounds to discover our common humanity.
Each dinner party is personally designed as an intimate gathering to spark meaningful conversation, new friendships, and knowledge sharing. Authentic, civil, and genuine dialogue where NO PHONES are allowed and opinions are encouraged. 
One expert guides the conversation that focuses on one topic - discovering our common humanity and opening up our minds to concepts we would have never been exposed to otherwise. 
10 Attendees. 1 Expert. 1 Host. 1 Topic.
*Any in-person events paused during COVID-19 pandemic
Networking or big events can sometimes make us uneasy... make us feel awkward at first. Sometimes it’s out of our comfort zones to have small talk with strangers.
That’s one of the many reasons we started @MyDeansList Meetups. To have an inclusive, come-as-you-are, collection of trailblazers/young professionals to collaborate in a cool, comfortable setting. No more stuffy business professional attire.
Our first Meetup was all about “Making the First Move” with @BumbleBizz, “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone” with @Traveling_Gypsy, and “Tackling Fear” with champion NASCAR driver @JuliaLandauer.
Atlanta's first meetup was at Dancing Dogs Yoga capturing a day of learning, community, yoga, and thoughtful conversation.
These were no ordinary networking events. We are showing how our community believes in collaboration over competition. 
*Any in-person events paused during COVID-19 pandemic
We succeeded in carrying out our vision of uplifting and inspiring all diverse walks of life at EmpowerCon at the Charlotte Convention Center in September 2019. The feedback we received from attendees throughout the day was phenomenal - people started finding true community, talked to people they may have not normally encountered, made quality connections with each other, gained new information & viewpoints, and felt like they could make a difference in their city and in each others’ lives.

Now one conference did not mean that we had fixed all of our problems. We have a long way to go in terms of social justice and equity, but it was a good step forward in Charlotte. We didn't just talk, we took action and have been committed to doing the work. 
*Any in-person events paused during COVID-19 pandemic