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Networking or big events can sometimes make us uneasy... make us feel awkward at first. Sometimes it’s out of our comfort zones to have small talk with strangers.
That’s one of the many reasons we started @MyDeansList Meetups. To have an inclusive, come-as-you-are, collection of trailblazers/young professionals to collaborate in a cool, comfortable setting. No more stuffy business professional attire. But extra points if you wear light blue and white!

It's not about what you do, but who you are.

2019 - Our first Meetup was all about “Making the First Move” with @BumbleBizz, “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone” with @Traveling_Gypsy, and “Tackling Fear” with champion NASCAR driver @JuliaLandauer.

2019 - Dean's List Atlanta (run by Kendall Trammell) created their first meetup at Dancing Dogs Yoga capturing a day of learning, community, yoga, and thoughtful conversation.

2020 - 
*Any in-person events were paused during COVID-19 pandemic

2022- We brought back the premier monthly networking event for young professionals to the Queen City at Summit Seltzer!

These are no ordinary networking events. We are showing how our community believes in collaboration over competition, empowering everyone, and values a sense of belonging. 



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