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Empower Hour with Lanie Hudson

Lanie Hudson is a 25 year-old, South Carolina native, currently living in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. After graduating from Clemson University and serving as Miss South Carolina 2014, she is continuing to pursue her dreams as an intern for the Carolina Panthers. When she’s not working she enjoys watching football, shopping for great deals, and power-walking with her best friends. Read more about our time with Lanie on Empower Hour at Seacrest Studios in Charlotte and how the Miss America Organization changed her life: What’s your story? What makes you unique? Well, I was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC and a third-generation Clemson tiger. I grew up a competitive clogger which led me

Care about everything you do.

Sam Bond is a jack of all trades. She is a medical illustrator, animator, graphic designer, researcher, teacher, game developer, and fine artist. With a passion for gaming with education, Sam plans to combine her two loves to form a career. Sam proves that through persistence and determination, you can overcome any obstacle presented on your journey for success. Sam's passion for helping others, while staying true to herself is why she is our #WCW. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I’ve always been torn between the worlds of logic and creativity - half of my passion stems from fine arts and the other half from research and problem solving. I always felt like I had to choose betwe

Be careful of the temptation to believe you’re not capable.

Gabe Cuomo, a University of Georgia graduate, fell in love with photography, cinematography, and the magic of storytelling told by the picture behind the lens of the camera. A passion that bloomed into a career, Gabe created his own entrepreneurial company, The Wily Breed. Gabe aims to grow not only his company, but also his talent as a filmmaker. Gabe's adventurous and fearless attitude is why he is our #MCM. Gabe's free-spirited energy and determination shows his drive to keep going after what he loves. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? Our story feels like a coming of age for 20-year-olds. We’ve all grown up with this child-like sense of fantasy, and individually we sculpted wh

Everything will work out in the end.

Leah Shoup is a Spanish-English research translator who also runs the travel blog Inspired by her passion for foreign languages, Leah was motivated to move abroad to Santiago, Chile and find a way to share her experiences with others. Leah is our #WCW because she radiates determination, persistence, and purposefulness. Leah excels at pursing her dreams, even when others tried to deter her. Leah proves that no dream has limitations, as long as one has the drive to make that dream a reality. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I’ve always been extremely determined (and some may even say stubborn). While this was a negative quality as a teenager, it actually ended u

Never be afraid to live the life you want to live.

World traveler, dreamer, philanthropic, wanderlust, and warm-hearted are just a few words to describe our inspirational #WCW. Currently pursuing her passion of helping children, Danielle Kurlander, expresses how the best medicine in life is to simply share and give love. Danielle continually spreads generosity with her contagious spirit, ultimately, leaving others inspired by her positivity and beautiful heart. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? **The sheer power of positivity is infectious; it will fill your heart and your soul.** For me, it radiates a fire that is truly unique. I aim to take on the impossible, to help the heartbroken, and uplift those who have never soared. 2. W


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