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5 Tips to Level Up Your Home Office

At the start of the pandemic millions of Americans packed up their offices, and began the transition to working from home. As we kick off 2022 it is time to put YOU and your WORKSPACE first.

Whether you work in an office or from the comfort of your home, your workspace can have a major impact on your SUCCESS. It is important that you take the time to set up your workspace to INSPIRE you every day!

Here are 5 Tips To Level Up Your Home Office:

Tip 1: Be Comfortable

Working from home can be tough mentally and physically. One way to make your home office better is to INVEST in a comfortable and supportive office chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can severely harm your productivity and make you feel less inspired in your home office. Get creative! Find ways to either upgrade your office chair with a supportive pillow or blanket or invest in a new comfortable office chair.

Tip 2: Lighting Matters

Working from home has its perks, one includes no more overhead fluorescent lighting! The type of lighting in your office space can impact your productivity and mood. One step you can take to upgrade your lighting is to take advantage of natural lighting. Have your home office in a room with plenty of windows that can give you natural lighting throughout the day. Studies have shown that natural lighting increases productivity and can boost your mood. If you are someone who lives on zoom meetings, and doesn't have a ton of natural light, a small ring light can give you the best lighting and boost your confidence on your virtual meetings!

Tip 3: Declutter Your Space

In order to be the most productive in your home office you need to keep your space organized. When you begin to declutter, it can be overwhelming so take it step by step. Start by emptying your cabinets and desk drawers, throw away anything that is not a necessity. Invest in different organizational tools that can help you stay organized and productive. An organizational system that works for you will make your life so much easier. Keeping a clean workspace can make you feel less overwhelmed and keep a clear headspace to get your work done.

Tip 4: Personalize Your Office

Even when you are working from home you still want to make your office feel like YOU. It is so much easier to feel happy in your job when your office has a positive atmosphere. Find simplistic decorations that you can add to your office with your favorite colors, candles, or plants. Add colors that can help your mood, certain colors can help relieve anxiety or keep your energy higher and more creative. The way your office smells can impact your productivity, whether it's a candle that matches the holiday season, or essential oils that can relieve your stress find the smell you want your office to be. Personalizing your office can ensure that you are able to enjoy your unique workplace.

Tip 5: Be Heard

While working from home can be great for a lot of people, it can be some people's worst nightmare, especially when it comes to virtual calls and meetings. Unless you live alone there is always background noises ranging from your dog barking, kids interrupting, or roommates coming in and out. One way to make these meetings less stressful is to invest in good quality noise cancelling headphones with a microphone. Find a pair that is comfortable and reliable. Taking away the stress by having strong audio on a virtual call can make you feel more confident and focused on your next Zoom call.

2022 is the year to put you and your home office first. Taking these 5 easy steps will create a more PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE, and EMPOWERING environment while you work from home.

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