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Celebrating The Dean's List's 7th Birthday

In honor of The Dean’s List's 7th Birthday we want to highlight all of the accomplishments we have achieved this past year. This year we have been able to continue to grow and empower more individuals within our community.

In 2021, one of our biggest accomplishments was at Wray Ward this past December where we honored our Dean’s List inaugural 20 Under 20 Class of 2021. This in-person event presented by Thread Talk was made possible by our outstanding 2021 Selection Committee and the fantastic honorees. We are so excited to see where these amazingly diverse and influential 14-19 year-old leaders will go in their future and make an impact.

This year we hosted the first in-person Dean's List Dinner at Nuvole after nearly two years due to the pandemic! At this dinner, we were able to reunite with some of Charlotte's finest collaborators who are making real change in the Queen City. As we safely gathered together in person to spark meaningful conversations, new friendships, and knowledge sharing, we were so grateful too be back together in person.

This past year we hosted our first-ever Dean’s List Holiday Party at the Speedway Lights. Some of our biggest female supporters and entrepreneurs gathered together to celebrate the holidays and build genuine connections. Each woman brought one item to share with the group that described them and how it impacts them to lead change in Charlotte and beyond. We had such a magical night celebrating some of Charlotte’s female trailblazers!

In 2021, The Dean’s List continued to grow our community to over 10,000+ individuals. We have worked with a wide range of professionals including students, models, influencers, actors, journalists, athletes, musicians, producers, and biotech consultants from companies such as ESPN, Twitter, CBS, AT&T, NFL, Miss America Organization, and more. As we enter into our 7th year we cannot wait to connect with even more.

The Dean’s List takes great pride in our amazing interns too! In 2021, we worked remotely with 22 individuals from 10 different colleges and universities around the nation. Each student has a focus of social media, events, DEI initiatives, marketing, or client relations to grow TDL while using their own unique experiences and perspectives. Interns had the opportunity to meet inspirational professionals from all industries, build their own digital brands, revamp their LinkedIn profiles, hone in on their purpose, develop as an empathetic leader, and become a part of an empowering network of thought leaders. If you are interested in joining our intern team in 2022, you can find more information on our website!

As we celebrate our 7th birthday, we want to recognize our amazing founder and web designer- Meredith Dean. Meredith has been able to uplift countless individuals whether they are a client, intern, young professional, online connection, or friend through our digital branding services and DEI-focused events. We cannot wait to see where Meredith and The Dean’s List will be in 2022 as we continue to empower others.


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