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Happy Women's History Month 2022: Recognizing 22 Female Entrepreneurs

Happy Women's History Month, a time to celebrate all of the amazing women who have contributed, and continue to contribute to our society and economy. The Dean's List loves to uplift and recognize so many extraordinary women in our own community, and outside of it. These women are committed to improving the lives of those around them and inspire us everyday.

For the entire month of March we will be highlighting a diverse group of female entrepreneurs who are doing amazing things in the Charlotte community and all around. The Dean's List is dedicated to celebrating and supporting other female-owned businesses this month and every month!

We will be posting on our Instagram page everyday for the entire month so be sure to check it out!

Jamie Decker, Founder of Experience Anatomy

1. Jamie Decker: Founder of Experience Anatomy

Founded in 2016, Jamie Decker started a hands on anatomy education and training company.

Experience Anatomy encompasses a fully equipped training venue, mobile wet lab, deploys anatomy resources of unrivaled quality worldwide, and engages a team of expert Anatomist and Program Specialist. Jamie and Experience Anatomy has been revolutionizing health and life science education right here in the Charlotte.

Owner and Head Chef of Artisan Palate: Christa Csoka

2. Christa Csoka : Owner of Artisan Palate

Founded in 2003, Chef Christa Csoka saw an opportunity to in Charlotte's North Davidson District to bring a restaurant to the many art galleries and shops. Artisan's Palate is a restaurant, art gallery, and gathering safe in NoDa that offers a unique menus of craft cocktails, wine, share plates in a neighborly, related atmosphere with a focus on art and those who create it. Artisan Palate features local artisans in every way possible- from the chairs, to the food, and the art they display. Chef Christa has created an inclusive destination for all customers in a creative, community environment.

3. Alyssa Wilen: Owner of Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

Owner of Chef Alyssa's Kitchen: Alyssa Wilen

A local Charlotte native, Alyssa Wilen has been involved in cooking for nearly her entire life. In 2013, with the goal of providing a comfortable, social, environment where guests can learn to cook and eat well: she launched Chef Alyssa's Kitchen. Chef Alyssa loves adding her personality, passion, and creative sense into all of her menus. Her cooking style and passion are to use local, fresh ingredients and layers of flavor. Alyssa has been able to truly innovate the Charlotte culinary scene.

Creative Force behind O+A EVERYDAY: Vanessa Kenon-Hunt

4. Vanessa Kenon-Hunter: O+A | EVERYDAY®

Vanessa Kenon-Hunt is the creative force behind O+A | EVERYDAY. She is a connoisseur of clean beauty and the master of style. Originally from Queens, NY, she uses her knowledge of city living to find balance in practical luxury and minimalism..This organic extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera, and shea butter combination aids to heal the minor skin irritations and soften the skin. Vanessa main message is that luxury doesn't have to be complicated, it can be made simple.

5. Ione and Ellen Rucker: Rucker Roots

Co-Owners of Rucker Roots: Ione and Ellen Rucker

Sisters, Ellen and Ione Rucker are the co-owners of Rucker Roots, a natural hair product line. Dating back to the early 1980s, the Rucker sisters' mother used vegetables from the family garden along with other ingredients to include in their hair regimen. This has helped the sisters develop an appreciation for natural hair care products; the values of family, and the importance of their heritage and strong roots. Rucker Toors is for all hair types and textures in order to make more inclusive hair products for everyone.

Ariene Bethea: Dressing rooms interiors

Ariene Bethea is the founder, retailer, and huntress of Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio LLC, a boutique vintage furniture shop and design studio. The studio is a Charlotte destination for vintage furnishing, global accessories and more. Growing up in home infused with art and culture Ariene has crated a casual collected style with playful use of patterns and colors. The studio has been named "One of the Best Living Vintage in America" by House Beautiful and continues to recieve national recognition.

archer Bernard: bombel factory

7. Archel Bernard: Founder of The Bombel Factory

Archel Bernard had been designing her own contemporary clothing using the bold fabrics sold in the markets of her homeland of Liberia when the Ebola outbreak set the country in 2014. Archel decided she wanted to do her pat in helping some of the people during this epidemic. She opened her own sewing factory in Monrovia with a mission to improve the lives of an all-woman staff in 2016. The Bombshell factory opened it's first store in the United States in 2020, at Atlanta's Ponce City Market. This is just the beginning of Archel and Bombchel Factory: All are Welcome at Bombchel.

susan l. zimmerman: founder of Bohicket road

8. Susan L. Zimmerman: Founder & CEO of Bohicket Road

Susan L. Zimmerman is the Founder and CEO of Bohicket Road, who who hooked on a felling about South Carolina's island beaches at an early age. Susan made the courageous decision to quit praying for an opportunity, and created her own. She has created a brand that appeals to all beach lovers, with products ranging from t-shits, wallets, wristlets, beach totes, and all things a beach lover may need. Susan inspires us all to find "A Shortcut to Your Happy Place' too".

Asmau Amhed: founder of Plum Perfect

9. Asmau Amhed: Founder and CEO of Plum Perfect

Asmau Amhed is the Founder and CEO of Plum Perfect, an online visual recommendation engine for beauty shoppers and brands. Users can upload a photo, and the service recommend their personal color signature and helps to match them products that fit their look. Plum Perfect was founded in 2010, and has helped business's laser focus on specific customers who are fit for their products. Asmau created an online platform that offers a fun and innovative shopping experience for everyone.

Summer Rogers: Summer Doodles

10. Summer Rogers: Founder of Summer Doodles

Summer Rogers is the founder of Summer Doodles, with a passion for creating and design she hopes to make a difference in people's lives though her designs. The company initially started to fund her first mission trip to Haiti and 5 years later, Summer is still doodling and reaching more and more people. Summer Doodles has the perfect graduation gifts, custom pet painting, and more to celebrate life's treasured moments.

11. Diane and Lily Joyal: Founders of Bowerbird Flowers and Apothecary

Diane and Lily Joyal: Founders of Bowerbird Flowers and Apothecrary

Diane and Lily Joyal are the mother-daughter duo behind Bowerbird Flowers and Apothecrary. They started the business with the idea that arrangements should be created to showcase what each individual bloom can do. Their designs are meant to stir your emotions, evoke precious memories, and connect their clients with the natural world. As a locally-based, but globally-focused, the company support North Carolina famers and innovates the floral industry.

Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson: Weezie Luxury Towels

12. Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson: Founders of Weezie Luxury Towels

Long-time friends Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson saw a gap in the market for luxury towels. They decided to modernize luxury and introduce the world to Weeize Luxury Towels. After years of research, these women developed the perfect towel. While working with a family-owned Portuguese factory they created a soft, fluffy, absorbent, and 100% organic long-staple cotton for their towels. Weezie Luxury Towels brought towels that can Elevate your Everyday.

Corri Smith Founder of Black Wednesday

13. Corri Smith: Founder of Black Wednesday

With a background in marketing and business, Corri Smith started Black Wednesday to help brands connect with their audiences in a more personal and meaningful way. Black Wednesday specializes in showcasing the human element of brands. As a local Charlotte company, Corri and her team connect their clients to the larger conversations in their community through social media, PR, or brand services.

Hellen Moffitt: Founder of Ponybox

14. Hellen Moffitt: Owner/ Founder of Ponybox

Hellen Moffitt started Ponybox in October 2020 in Charlotte NC, with a mission of making self-expression through fashion sales more affordable, convenient,and sustainable. Ponybox is a local clothing rental and delivery service that offers same-day delivery in Charlotte. All clothing items range from $10 to $25 to rent for a week, with no subscription/membership fees. Hellen is working to spread her own personal mission to spread joy, confidence, and empowerment through clothing in the Charlotte community.

Christina Rojas: The Batchmaker

15.Christina Rojas: Founder of The Batchmaker

Born and raised in Honduras, Christina always had a love for baking. Christina and her family decided to move to Charlotte, where she immersed herself in her passion and starting honing in on her skills as a baker. As a 100% self taught baker, Christina is always growing and learning. Batchmaker offers different sweet treats like cookies, cakes, bars, and more!

Tamu Curtis Founder of Cocktailery

16. Tamu Curtis: CEO & Founder of The Cocktailery

Originally established as Liberate Your Palate in Charlotte, NC in 2015. Tamu Curtis created the Cocktailery as an expanded offering to the original beverage experience. The Cocktailery is a cocktail supply and beverage lifestyle store that is designed for anyone who loves craft cocktails. They sell an assortment of bar ware and accessories and also host cocktail classes that are designed to enhance anyone's ability to create sophisticated and memorable cocktails. Tamu's mission is to "take the mystery out of mixology" and make the process of creating delicious craft cocktails more approachable to everyone.

Tamika Ishmael: Owner of 33 Fingers

17.Tamika Ishmael: Owner of 33 Fingers

Owner of 33 Fingers, Tamika Ishmael started a hair salon located in Charlotte NC promoting healthy hair for all hair types. 33 Fingers and Timika specialize in helping their clients have the healthiest hair through their in person services, products, and summer camps. Clients are able to express themselves with customer color treatments and learn more about their hair when visiting the salon. You can find products from 33 Fingers at their salon, Etsy, and Amazon.

18. Giovy Buyers: Owner & CEO of Southern Blossom Flourist

Giovy Buyers: Owner of Southern Blossom Flowers

Owner Giovy Buyers is the owner of Southern Blossom Flourist, who are dedicated to any special occasion you may have in the Charlotte, NC area. Southern Blossom Flourist delivers flowers of superior quality and value and is best known for their amazing customer service and work to better the community with their arrangements. Giovy's shop designs arrangements for weddings, business, private parties, or dinner events. They live by the value of "We know our flowers and we want to share them with everyone, at anytime".

Mongai Fankam: Founder of Mohtivity

19. Mongai Fankam: CEO and Founder of Mohtivitiy

Mohtivity Fashion is founded by Mongai Fankam with the mission to create a clothing line that focuses on spreading positive vibes through fashion. Award winning philanthropist, Mongai has made a huge impact on the Charlotte community through her own non-profit organization No BackPack Day, with the mission to give one backpack filled with school supplies for every one enrollment in a year-round Lead Group. Her new fashion line includes shirts with inspiration messages in order to spread the love through what you wear!

Alexandra Woodleif: owner of Alexandra Madison Weddings

20.Alexandra Woodlief: Lead Planner & Owner of Alexandra Madison Weddings

Starting in 2016, Alexandra Woodlief is the lead planner and owner of Alexandra Madison Weddings (AMW). Alexandra came up with the idea in 2013 and began different trainings in order "to make the wedding day magic happen". She is trained in venue management, client relations, rentals, and wedding plannings. Alexandra and her staffing team puts on 40-60 weddings per year and are there to work hard to make your big day the best it can be!

Margret and Megan George: Founders of Zen Succulent

21.Margaret and Megan George: Founders of The Zen Succulent

Founded in 2012, Megan and her mother Margaret decided to take this love and experience with urban gardening and small scale succulent propagation to life. Located in Durham, NC the Zen Succulent is a modern terrarium and plant craft business where shoppers can find plants, succulents, and supplies to create their own terrariums.

22. Lavencia Ferguson: Founder of Citizens of Heaven

Founded in 2019, Lavencia Ferguson was searching for meaningful streetwear pieces and found the options were very slim. She decided to channel her love for fashion and combine it with her devotion to her faith and created her own line. Lavencia wanted anyone who sees or wears her clothing to be part of a lifestyle where they can confidently express their faith, with quality, style, and comfort. Citizens of Heaven is dedicated to creating each garment with a devotion to detail, while outsourcing the best quality material, creating meaningful designs, and establishing a luxury feel. Lavencia hopes to create wardrobe solutions that transcend pop culture and change how people view faith-based fashion.

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