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TGIM Interview with Bonny Shade, Empowerment Speaker

On this week's latest episode of TGIM, The Dean's List welcomes Bonny Shade to the virtual stage. 

Bonny is using her voice to make a difference. She believes everyone has a powerful story, and she is telling her own story to educate and empower others to live their values and understand what truly matters. 

As a full-time speaker and educator, she speaks to more than 25,000 people annually about difficult topics with a holistic view. ⁣

She educates on topics that matter to end sexual violenceempower women, and build community.⁣

Bonny shared many inspiring experiences and motivational stories that engaged our entire audience. 

The following are the key takeaways from Bonny:

1. There is not such thing as balance. It's all about harmony. Sometimes certain things take priority and that's ok.

2. Learn to own and love your story.

3. Allow your pain to fuel your passion.

4. The energy you put into the world matters.

5. Be the gold for yourself and each other.

Stay connected with Bonny and continue to follow her journey on Instagram @bonnyshadebb

Thank you, Bonny Shade, for another empowering week of TGIM! See you next week at 6:00 pm.


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