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TGIM Interview with Jesi Stracham, Wheel with Me Foundation

On this week's latest episode of TGIM, The Dean's List welcomes Jesi Stracham to the virtual stage. 

Jesi is a wheelchair user on a mission to help individuals see the opportunity in their obstacles. She is the founder of @wheelwithme Foundation, the Wheel With Me Consulting owner, and a full-time student.

Through her own struggles she works to teach individuals the power of our mindset. ⁣

She experienced a motorcycle accident and lost the use of her legs secondary to a spinal cord injury. ⁣

Her goal is simple: show the world there is an opportunity in their obstacles, restoring hope during life's difficult moments. She helps people achieve their dreams through the importance of goal setting and showing what's possible.

Jesi provided positive insight for dealing with trauma and the type of mindset one must acquire in which she responded:

"I think regardless of your struggle, you definitely must focus on your gratitude, find your positive, and find your struggle. When I look at my chair, I look at it and think about how it symbolizes so much good and bad. Because of my wheelchair, I have traveled down this completely different path that I would have never chosen." 

Our takeaways from Jesi:

1. Focus on what you have, not what you lack..

2. Find your positive and find your struggle.

3. Your path may change and that is okay.

Stay connected with Jesi on Instagram @@jesistracham and continue to support her cause!

Thank you, Jesi Stracham, for another empowering week of TGIM! See you next week at 6:00 pm.


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