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Put your heart into whatever you do

MoonaLuna is a fashion blog that highlights on the importance of style as a form of self-expression. Their blog serves as inspiration to be bold and confident in all of your fashion choices. The blog is run by two incredibly passionate and self-made entrepreneurs, Isabelle Estrin and Mackenzie Bass. Check them out in honor of TDL's Founder's Friday!

1. How did you get started?

We have been friends since middle school and we instantly connected over our shared love of expression through personal style. Almost ten years later, we decided to start a blog in hopes to inspire others to be unique, imaginative, bold, and above all confident through fashion.

2. What motivates you?

Above all, passion motivates us most. We were raised by strong, successful women who inspire us with their intense passion for all that they do. Passion is the driving force for everything we do, especially MoonaLuna.

3. What has been your biggest challenge in starting a business?

Our biggest challenge has definitely been finding a way to standout among all of the other fashion blogs out there. Blogging is such a saturated market, but we feel we have something special and unique to offer and we really hope our audience agrees with that.

4. Who is your biggest hero/inspiring figure?

For both of us, our biggest inspiring figure has to be our mothers and older sisters. We each grew up in a household full of creative, bold, smart, amazing women. They taught us to be brave and go after whatever it is we want in life. Without them, there would definitely be no MoonaLuna.

5. What tips would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

  • If you’re passionate about something, go after it.

  • Don’t let the fear of failure or other people’s opinions get to you

  • Put your heart into whatever you do

  • Have fun!

6. What's next for Moona Luna?

Lots & lots of amazing new content! We will be back in Atlanta together for a month so expect some amazing new blog posts & maybe some collabs with other Atlanta creatives.

7. What's the best piece of advice that you ever received?

Don’t take yourself too seriously, stay passionate, & if you want something go get it.

If you would like to reach out to the ladies of MoonaLuna for networking opportunities or to learn more about them, you can e-mail them here.

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