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"No one tells you about what I call the 'In Between'."

Rance Nix is an entertainer, UGA grad, emcee, comedian, and intern at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This future star (and our client) caught our eye as our #MCM this week! Check out!

Rance Nix

1. What's your story? What makes you unique?

I'm a 23 year old aspiring entertainer that happens to be a little person. My height makes me unique. However, it's my confidence and the way I carry myself that really helps me stand out

2. What motivates you?

Having faith in God helps me stay motivated. Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry takes patience, persistence, hard work, focus, and a lot of baby steps. Often times, I feel like I'm not making any progress and get frustrated that things aren't happening as fast as I would like them to. However, I remind myself that God has a plan for my life. I just have to keep at it and when the time is right, the right opportunities will come my way.

3. Who is a hero of yours?

My dad is a hero of mine. S/O to him since yesterday was Father's Day! He's a great example of the man I'd like to become. He is successful in his field of work, a leader among his colleagues and friends, and most importantly is a man of great character.

4. What's your future plan? Your goals?

My goal is to become an actor/host of a television show/standup comedian/entertainer. At the moment, I'm not completely sure where I'll end up in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, whatever I do, I want to be a positive inspiration to those that watch and encounter me.

The Dean's List

5. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

No one tells you about what I call the "In Between." The "In Between" is the time between when you decide you pursue your dreams and when your dreams become a reality. The "In Between" may take a lot longer than you expect. The "In Between" is when you see your friends moving out while you're still living at home saving money. The "In Between" is when people look at you cross when you tell them what you're up to but don't exactly have the results that their looking for. The "In Between" is when some days you just get overwhelmed because it seems like you haven't even cracked a dent in achieving your dreams. The "In Between" is the rollercoaster of highs and lows of progress and setbacks. No one really mentions in detail the "In Between" but it's something all successful people go through. My advice would be to stay patient and don't even think about quitting. I was on a small movie set a few weeks ago and I overheard an older woman talking about how her and her roommate were both acting. Eventually the woman decided to throw in the towel because she got tired of moving and constantly searching for opportunities. Her roommate kept at it and the woman said she's now in several national television commercials and doing quite well. I could hear the disappointment in the woman's voice and I thought, "I NEVER wanna feel that way." You should never want to feel that way either. Stay patient and keep at it. You never know when you're going to break through.


6. What is something you feel strongly about (a cause, belief, etc.)?

Trusting God. I'm having to trust God more and more in this particular stage of my life. Moreover, putting God first is the ultimate key to success.

7. What's one of the coolest things you've ever done?

One of the coolest things I've ever done would be nailing a comedy set at an open mic. It's an awesome feeling to bask in your audience's laughter. It's even better when I'm on a roll and I think "Little do they know I'm about to get em again!" Then I tell my next joke. Hearing the crowd continue to laugh is great.

8. Anything we haven't asked that you'd like to talk about.

Thank you Deans List for honoring me as a #MCM. I'm excited, humbled, and grateful! I hope I have inspired a few readers and as always, Go Dawgs!

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