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TGIM Interview with Polina Marinova

On this week's latest episode of TGIM, The Dean's List welcomes Polina Marinova to the virtual stage.

Polina received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Georgia.

During her time as a student, Polina served as the editor in chief for the Red and Black Newspaper.

She learned about the many aspects of journalism in this position, which helped lead her through her upcoming career path.

After college, Polina spent her time as a Community Manager at USA Today and a Producer for CNN. She then bounced around from being a Social Media Editor to her current position as the founder and author of The Profile.

An excerpt from The Profile

The Profile “compiles the best long-form stories on successful people and companies. It launched in 2017 with a selection of long-form articles and has further expanded it with a premium tier of high-quality audio and video recommendations.”

It is clear that Polina is not only an incredible female entrepreneur and leader but also a strong writer and is confident in her abilities.

During our segment, we asked about key advice that she had applied to her career and personal life. Polina mentioned that it has always been important to her to “remind yourself of what you bring to the table.”

We loved this message because in any work environment or interview, a young professional is just as important as the employer.

Our Takeaways from Marinova:

1. Do something for yourself so that your identity is not always in your job.

2. Intrinsic motivation is important but you need outside resources to hold you accountable and consistent.

3. Recognize that you provide value.

4. Nurse your content diet by consuming media that helps you grow.

Read more about Polina and her amazing work at The Profile, and follow her on LinkedIn and social media.

Thank you, Polina Marinova, for another empowering week of TGIM! See you next week at 6:00 pm.

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