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TGIM Interview with Kendall Trammell, CNN

On this week's latest episode of TGIM, The Dean's List welcomes Kendall Trammell to the virtual stage.

Trammell, a University of Georgia grad, is now a global digital programming producer at CNN.

At CNN, she creates engaging and informative frames into the day's top news through the alerts and headlines that appear on CNN's desktop and mobile homepages.

You might recognize some of her work from CNN's news highlights and notifications that pop up on your phone screen.

Trammell is also the director of The Dean's List dinner program. In this role, she works alongside interns of The Dean's List and speakers to organize empowering and educational dinners throughout the year.

Ever wonder where her interest in journalism sparked?

Trammell says it all started with her "papa" and being surrounded by news literacy all the time. It has always been a part of her, and she tries to incorporate aspects of it into her daily life.

During the segment, we asked Trammell to explain the importance of journaling as a journalist...

"When people think about journaling they think about long detailed entries, but you can make it as big or small as you want. In a news industry that is quickly changing and evolving with everything happening around you, you're not only sharing the news, but you also sometimes have to live the news."

We loved this idea of "living the news" and how it can enhance the experience of working as a journalist.

Our takeaways from Trammell:

1. Journal every day.

2. Self-care is essential when you feel overwhelmed.

3. Try to find that 'other thing' outside of your career that makes you happy while also doing something for someone else or your community.

Make sure to think of Kendall next time you see that CNN alert! Also, follow her on Instagram @ktram93 and check out her profile on LinkedIn!

Thank you, Kendall Trammell, for another empowering week of TGIM! See you next week at 6:00 pm.

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