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TGIM Interview with Emily Curl

On this week's latest episode of TGIM, The Dean's List welcomes Emily Curl to the virtual stage.

As a University of Georgia grad, Emily received her Bachelor of Arts in Digital and Broadcast Journalism.

Her career streamlined after that and led her to her current position as a Digital Host for iHeartRadio.

Emily is known for her public speaking skills and they have always been a part of her journey. In fact, Emily won first place for the UGA public Speaking Contest in 2010.

Before working at iHeartRadio, she was an Entertainment host and Red Carpet Correspondent for Refinery29. There, she learned crucial skills in storytelling and production.

Emily is a music and Entertainment expert - so she knows quite a bit about how to keep people listening. We asked her about some tips she could share for young professionals.

“What makes a great interview? One of the best things I’ve heard is disclosure is disarming.”

This is all about the content that you share in an interview. Remember who you are speaking with and what you want to get across.

Our Takeaways from Curl:

1. Your vulnerability enables others to feel comfortable and share with you.

2. Ask specific questions and craft with intention when networking.

3. It’s okay to not share everything. Keep some things private. (Person vs. Persona)

You can find Emily Curl on Instagram and LinkedIn. Make sure to tune into her next segments on iHeartRadio!

Thank you, Emily Curl, for another fantastic week of TGIM! See you next week at 6:00 pm.

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