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Live each day as an adventure

Alex Carruth is an Associate Engagement Coordinator at Moxie in Atlanta whose love for food and the Bulldawg Nation is only second to the love he has for his family. Read about how our #MCM takes advantage of every opportunity: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? On my mom’s side, I am a third-generation American from Russia, while my dad’s roots have been firmly planted in this country since the 1700s. My first and middle names are those of great grandparents on both sides so although none of this makes me unique, really, it is in part how I define myself at my foundation - my name - and holds how important family is to me. I am also the first in my household to attend college an

That thing that makes your pulse jump, that makes your heart ache, pay attention to it

Below, you will find all the reasons why Felicity Judge is our #WCW! 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I grew up in a small tourist town, Hilton Head Island, SC with my parents, two younger siblings, and my grandmother who has lived with us since I was in middle school. Technically speaking, I was born in New Jersey, but I consider myself much more southern, so we’ll keep the northerner piece of me a secret. After 15 years of small class sizes and knowing someone everywhere I went, I moved into a dorm that housed more people on my hallway than graduated from my high school. After a difficult initial transition, I fell head over heels in love with the University of Georgia. I got

Your worth is in who you are, not what you do

Amanda Turner is a senior student at the University of Georgia who is passionate about people, coffee mugs and glitter. Amanda will graduate in May 2016 with a degree in Human Development and Family Science, an emphasis in Child Life and a certificate in Disability Studies. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia knowing two environments very well: the dance studio and the classroom. A perfectionist from birth, I have always strived for the best from myself. I thrived in the classroom and would consume the pages of books faster than I could check them out from the library. Most of my early character consists of what I've learned in the dance studio. Hours

Put your heart into whatever you do

MoonaLuna is a fashion blog that highlights on the importance of style as a form of self-expression. Their blog serves as inspiration to be bold and confident in all of your fashion choices. The blog is run by two incredibly passionate and self-made entrepreneurs, Isabelle Estrin and Mackenzie Bass. Check them out in honor of TDL's Founder's Friday! 1. How did you get started? We have been friends since middle school and we instantly connected over our shared love of expression through personal style. Almost ten years later, we decided to start a blog in hopes to inspire others to be unique, imaginative, bold, and above all confident through fashion. 2. What motivates you? Above all, passion

Never stop chasing your dreams

Will Burgess always has tried to live without regrets. He took a risk in leaving his Southern roots and moved up to Boston for law school. This former UGA Student Government Association President is now in his final year at Harvard Law. Read about what keeps him motivated at one of the toughest schools in the country: 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I'm a crazy college football fan (Go Dawgs!). It's probably one of the biggest parts of who I am. As trivial as that might sound, though, I do think my love affair with football is a perfect metaphor for my approach to life: I give the same passion I have for Georgia Saturdays to everything I do. Whether that means showing up for gam

Be tenacious and consistent

Our Founder's Friday spotlights on Out of Office NY Network. Here is our interview with their founders! 1. How did you get started? We actually first got the idea to start a blog over soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown. Our conversation once again turned to our obsession with New York City and the never-ending opportunities it offers. We realized how much we enjoyed looking for different restaurants, bars, entertainment, etc. and thought, why not start an NYC lifestyle blog where we can suggest ideas to people living or vacationing in the city? With backgrounds in PR and Advertising, we already knew a little bit about blogging, but we were about to learn A LOT more! After almost

You're the best YOU out there. Don't ever forget that.

Collette Toney is a Double Dawg, 8th grade Social Studies teacher, and our #WCW! Her passion for what she does shines through all that she does and her interview (below) definitely gives off some incredible inspiration. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I am Collette Toney, Georgia born & raised. I grew up in a basketball family where my father played professionally and my brother played in college and overseas. When people ask about me, I immediately tell them about my sports family. Growing up in that environment created a different sense of competitiveness, the idea of success, education, hard work, and teamwork. In addition, supporting my brother through his sports career allo

If you can dream it, you can do it

Ryan Sichelstiel is currently finishing up his semester with the Disney College Program. Once he began pursuing his passions there was no stopping him! Read more about Ryan and why he is our #MCM below. 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? I always liked to draw, paint and create, but I was hesitant to make it my life until my second year at UGA. I worked with an organization called The Chapel Bell: A Positive Press Publication. The TCB team consisted of some of the most driven and "hell yeah" people I've ever met. They're the ones who inspired to follow my heart and give that guy feeling a shot. Since doing so, I've been able to street paint all over the Tate Bus Bay, paint numerous

Be confident in your decisions

Sarah Glenn Neidenbach graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science. Sarah Glenn has worked with dolphins in Bermuda, is at the Texas State Aquarium in marine mammal training, and is SCUBA certified! Everyday she gets to work directly with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and North American river otters. How cool is that?! 1. What's your story? What makes you unique? When I was six years old, I visited Dolphin Quest Hawaii and participated in an interaction program with my twin brother. It was then that I fell in love with dolphins and I knew I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. This past summer I had the opportunity to be a marine mammal intern at Dolph


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